What’s a security conference without a grueling CTF?
But hang on, every time you attend an event in Indian you have a different CTF with no link to last partial efforts you put.

Well dear Sir, as you rightly guessed ….., tickle your very hacking bone Clubhack and null presents the Battle Underground Diwitiya (Version 2.0 continue)

Starting from ClubHack2010 this year, we’ll be having this CTF going from conferneces to conferences (ClubHack, NULLCon, c0c0n). An year long CTF?? Yes! year long. Keep playing the same CTF in each conference & start from where you left in last one.

The event promises to be filled with fun and exciting hacking challenges.

1. You can form teams(2 members) or play as an individual.

2. You have to bring your own laptop (bring your own inbuilt / addon wifi card to have some extra fun).

3. Live CD of popular security distro would help your cause but not all the time (Backtrack, Matriux).

4. You will get internet connectivity but to be on a safer side keep usb internet dongles handy.

It will be multi level hacking challenge. In each level you will find clues to the next level. The first team to finish the final level wins.

So if its an year long event, the prizes should also be in same way, right?

Moderation team will decide the percentage covered in each event & you’ll get same percentage discount in next event.
Say you cover up 30% in ClubHack, then you’ll get 30% discount on nullcon tickets & can continue to play from 30% in nullcon. If you reach 80% in nullcon, your c0c0n ticket will be discounted at 80%.
We know everyone would love t reach 100%, correct 🙂

And there would be some surprise prizes too