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Abhi M Balakrishnan

Electronics hobbyist turned Hacktivist

Working as Information Security Consultant to put food on my table and roof over my head. Creator and Chief Architect of Mantra, Free and Open Source security framework based on browser platform. Performed several security consulting assignments in the area of penetration testing, code reviews, web application assessments, security architecture reviews etc.

Aashish Kunte

Aaashish Kunte is a GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst and a Security & Privacy Consultant, IBM. He also was a technical specialist and team member of Computer Incident Response Team.

Dror Shalev

Dror Shalev is CTO & Co-founder at droidSecurity(an AVG company now), Creator of the most popular security app for android platform “antivirus free”, with over the 4.5M users, X-Windows boy, Bad-ass White hat hacker, Javascript Ninja which made the first web based worm POC in 2003.

Speaker in security conventions around the world, including first clubHack in 2007 with unforgotten “Crazy Toaster”, former Security architect at checkpoint,Senior security researcher at finjan, Neo-Hippie and a huge believer in World Peace.

K K Mookhey

Kanwal K. Mookhey (CISA, CISSP, CISM) is the Principal Consultant and Founder at Network Intelligence (www.niiconsulting.com) as well as the Founder of The Institute of Information Security (www.iisecurity.in). He is an internationally well-regarded expert in the field of IT governance, information risk management, forensic fraud investigations, compliance, and business continuity.

He is the author of two books (Linux Security And Controls by ISACA, and Metasploit Framework, by Syngress Publishing), and of numerous articles on information security. He has also presented at conferences such as OWASP, Blackhat, Interop, IT Underground and others.

Lava kumar

Lavakumar Kuppan is a security researcher interested in identifying new types of vulnerabilities and attacks. His works are published on the Attack and Defense Labs website which he runs along with fellow researcher Manish Saindane. His recent works have been browser-related and he is particularly interested in emerging technologies like HTML5. He maintains an online HTML5 Security Guide and has contributed to the HTML5 Security CheatSheet project with articles on COR and Web SQL Database security. Lavakumar has spoken at multiple conferences including OWASP AppSec Asia and is also the author of tools like “Imposter” and “Shell of the Future.”

Nikhil Mittal

Nikhil Mittal is a security professional and enthusiast. Fields of interest includes Pen Testing, Vulnerability Research and exploit development.

Prasanna Kanagasabai

Prasanna Kanagasabai is an independent Information Security researcher who enjoys the nuances of information security. Enjoy programming in JavaScript, python and very rarely in “C”. He is an active member of “DeadPixel” Security group which is a association like minded professionals who enjoy Information security and would like to share knowledge in the group to the benefit of one and all.

Terence Sequeira

Terence Sequeira is Associate Director, Digital Forensics and Investigation at Asian School of Cyber Laws.
His areas of expertise include Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Forensics, Digital Evidence Analysis, Cyber Warfare and Defence.
He actively advises law enforcement agencies in cyber crime investigation and cyber forensics and as the head of the ASCL Computer Emergency Response Team he has successfully investigated a large number of cyber crime cases in India as well as other countries.

Samvel Gevorgyan

Samvel Gevorgyan is a Web Developer & Web Security Analytic in a well known armenian X-TECH company. He has graduated from the State Engineering University of Armenia and got bachelor’s degree for Electric Drive and Automatics in Industrial Complexes. He started his career as a web designer in 2006. Then Samvel seriously began learning web programming and web security concepts which allowed him to gain more knowledge of both web designing and web programming techniques and secure integrations. More than 3 years he has been working as a web developer. He pays much attention to each line of the code for good optimization and protection from different kinds of malicious attacks such as XSS(Cross Site Scripting), CSRF(Cross Site Request Forgery), SQL Injection, LFI/RFI(Local/Remote File Inclusion), etc.