Now here comes a CTF with a twist. Generally preCON CTF end a few days before the conference, but WEBWAR @ ClubHack2011 will be stretched upto the event. And yes this is not the Cloud Based CTF we talked about. Cloud based CTF will start in the event 🙂

The final flag of this WEBWAR – CTF will be treasure hunting game which will be in the venue itself. After crossing all the levels on web CTF, you’ll have to leave the keyboard and start using your eyes/ears/nose to find the FINAL flag in the venue.

First 3 people to submit the flag of the online part will get free entry pass in the event. If the person has already paid for the ticket, it can be transfered to friends.

There’s only one flag in the treasure hunt mode, first one to get the offline flag will be the winner and will get loads of gifts including gift voucher to buy gadget of his/her own choice.

 Fill up your details in the form below and you’ll be directed to the CTF URL

Rules for Webwar – CTF, the WEB part

  1. Using web scanners is really no good, we’ll assume you have a “Security Certification” though.
  2. Please do not DDoS, there are always better targets than us. cc:Anonymous
  3. Please do not blog or post video solutions (we know you are elite) but let’s wait till the contest is over. 🙂
  4. If you have any queries/rants/feedback, submit them to us at info@clubhack.com .

Rules for Webwar – CTF, the Treasure hunt part

  1. Use your eyes, ears, nose and most importantly BRAIN to find the final flag.
  2. The final flag is also encrypted, decrypt it to find the gift
  3. Please do not bring dogs, metal detectors, etc. It may not help you
  4. Shout “EUREKA” once you get the final flag.

[iframe src="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dE9idXY0Y2ZRVTE4VkhvajlndzlhSWc6MQ"]


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