This 5th edition; ClubHack 2011 is filled with standard events like

# Technical Briefings

Topics included are

  • Exploit the Exploit Kits
  • Android Tamer
  • One link Facebook
  • Android Forensics
  • DOM XSS — Encounters of the 3rd Kind
  • Mere pass Teensy hai
  • ‘How Android based phone helped me win American Idol’
  • Handle Exploitation of Remote System From Email Account
  • Pentesting Mobile Applications
  • Wi-Fi Malware for Fun and Profit
  • Hacking your Droid

Check out technical briefings details here

# Workshops

Workshops include

  • Scenario Based Hacking a.k.a How Professional Hackers really Hack by Vivel Ramchandran
  • Hacker vs. Developer (Fighting the good fight) by K.V. Prashant & Akash Mahajan

Check out workshop details here

Apart from that, we “MAY” have a few surprise events too, so keep watching.

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