Tickets for events of ClubHack 2012 can be registered from links below.

Day 2 & Day 3: 1st & 2nd December 2012

Day 2 and Day 3 will consist of  Technical Briefings which are open for all via registrations.

Each Ticket will cost Rs. 3500

Base Price – Rs. 3500
Early Bird Offer – Till November 8th, 2012 – Rs.3000 (Closed)

Bulk discount: 5+ tickets at Rs.2500 each

For students, we have special discount of Rs.1000 for all all technical briefings. ***Please note that student will have to bring their ‘Current Year’s’ college ID proof to participate in event.

Student Price: Rs.2500

Click here to register for Technical Briefings


Day 1 & Day 4: 30th November & 3rd December 2012

Day1 & 4 of ClubHack 2012 is divided into 5 workshops.

On Day 1, 30th November 2012, pre-conference workshop will contain 2 workshops

  1. Workshop by Dinesh Shetty & Ahish Rao – Securing Mobile applications – Exploits Demystified and Solutions Simplified

On Day4, 3rd December, post conference workshop will contain 3 workshops

  1. Workshop by Tamaghna basu & Akash Mahajan – Hackers Vs. Developers
  2. Workshop by Ketan Vyas – Putting application security maturity models in practice

Each Ticket will cost:- Rs.10000
Early Bird Offer – Till 8th November, 2012 – Rs.9000 (Closed)

Bulk discount:

3-4 tickets at Rs.8000 each

5+ tickets at Rs.7000 each

Click here to register for Workshops



IMPORTANT: Workshops will be running in parallel at a time so please see schedule before choosing topics & buying tickets. If registrations for workshop is less than 5, workshop will be cancelled. Register on-line to avail discounts. Discounts will NOT be available for on-spot registrations


* Ticketing agency will charge Rs. 15/- per ticket as the ticketing fees.