ClubHack Connect

As the name suggests, ClubHack Connect is an open for all platform to Connect with like-minded people from the Infosec community. ClubHack Connect is a unique un-conference without predefined topics or speakers.

Just like barcamp you can choose to listen to a particular speaker talking at anyone of the given halls at the venue or choose to utilise the dais which is open on first come first basis to share your new ideas or thought with new people and gain their valuable insight on it.

But unike barcamp the focus of the event will always remain around security

ClubHack Connect events are not meant to be big, fancy, expensive conferences, instead these are meant to be low-key local gatherings that are affordable, even to allow people from all walks of life to attend, meet, share, and learn. Sponsorships and donations will make this possible keeping ticket prices low

There is just one rule: Share and enjoy!


With people with a common love interest – Security


your research findings with others in your field

Everyone is a speaker

The stage is all yours to amaze the crowd.

No one judging you

No CFP, No one rejecting your paper, no permissions, it’s open for all


An informal platform to share and learn.

Have fun


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