ClubHack Keynote Series

The Keynote Series by ClubHack caters to the cream of the crop leaders of IT and security industry.

A single day event consisting of the finest talks from some of the top minds in the industry sharing their point-of-view, concerns, experiences and predictions about their common love interest – Security.

In this variation of event, 5-6 handpicked high value speakers will be invited to share their views and knowledge with the audience.

Global event

Attend the next Keynote Series happening near you or invite one n your city

Hand Picked Speakers

Listen to the trusted gurus of the industry, senior thoughtleaders and veterans of the domain

Focused Discussion

An information security event meant for the top bosses

Fast Paced

No need to take a break for 2-3 days to attend an event. One day event and networking with like minded people.


Meet and network with old & new faces of the community

Share knowledge

Take a leaf out of your peer’s books to solve similar challenges faced by you

Upcoming Keynote Series

Bangalore - Aug 2014

Bangalore will witness a keynote series event in Aug 2014


Singapore to come soon

Past Keynote Series Events

Indo-UK Roundtable Conference

Happened during ClubHack 2009. Was supported by British High Commisioner in India, IIM Ahmedabad and City University London.

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