Past Events

ClubHack 2013

ClubHack sacrificed it’s flagship event in year 2013 to host a mega event called Ground Zero Summit which was co-organised with Govt of India with assistance from other hacking conferences in India.

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ClubHack 2012

ClubHack, when started in 2007, dreamt that people in India will wake up to the seriousness of information security. We even decided our motto as “Making Security a Common Sense”. After 5 long years, we witnessed a lot of action around the country in this field; media as well as working professionals started taking security seriously.

The awareness was so quick to catch up that there were 5-6 similar events in India on the same line. Hence we decided to handover this beacon of awareness to them and start a new journey.

ClubHack 2012 concentrated its energy in empowering innovation &developing leadership. Having loved our domain so much, we’d continue to do this in the domain of information security only.

And so we coined our new motto line

“Empowering Innovation & Leadership in Information Security”

ClubHack 2012, which was hosted at The O Hotel in Pune with more than 100 attendees from all around India, featured Keynote by Alok Vijayant, Director of NTRO, India as well as 14 Technical briefings and 3 workshops. We also featured our first installment of the Hacknight, a night where actual hackers spend time not to “break” into someone but to “make” something interesting

ClubHack 2011

ClubHack 2011 was always meant to be a celebration because it was the 5th installment of this prestigious event and the task at hand was enormous post the hangover of having Bruce Schneier in ClubHack 2010.

But like we always do, we raised the bar one notch higher by hosting the famous and ever respected industry veteran and author, Richard Stiennon. Richard, who is well known for shaking up the industry and providing actionable guidance to vendors and end users,was our highlight keynote speaker for 2011 which included 2 days of technical briefing with 11 speakers and 1 day of hands-on training workshop which also included live hacking demo of secure networks, mobile phones, corporate wireless networks, Facebook etc.

We made the CTF, started in 2010, better and cooler by hosting India’s first ‘Cloud based Capture-The-Flag (CTF)’.

ClubHack 2010

The fourth sequel event ClubHack 2010 was held on 4th, 5th and 6th of December in Pune. The Keynote this year was delivered by internationally recognized, cryptographer, computer security and privacy specialist, and writer Bruce Schneier.

ClubHack hosted some pretty interesting events this year like Capture The Flag (CTF), Malcon Finals and panel discussion on Telecomm Security. Other than these there were 9 technical briefings and 4 workshops as part of this 3 day mega event

ClubHack 2009

ClubHack hosted the 3rd installment of its flagship Information security conference ClubHack 2009 at the beautiful “Corinthians Boutique Hotel”, Pune. This year was also the start of a unique program called WebWarIII – a hacking challenge, focused on web applications and a challenge based learning system for both hackers and coders.

The third day of the event saw a unique round table conference co-hosted by the prestigious City University, London and UK Science and Innovation Network, British High Commission in India. The round table conference was attended by eminent personalities from different field of information security of both the countries face to face to discuss the issues & challenges faced by both the countries.

ClubHack 2008

ClubHack 2008 was a two day event conducted on 6th & 7th December at International Convention Centre, Pune. The chief guest for the event was Dr. Satyapal Singh, commissioner of Pune Police. The event was divided into 2 events of 1 day each – Day1: Tech/Legal talks & Panel and Day 2: Workshop

This year witnessed 14 speakers and 3 workshops and an estimated footfall of 188 people

ClubHack 2007

Year 2007 was unique for India and the Information Security domain as it witnessed India’s first security conference ClubHack 2007. The excitement was high as for the first time Indian “hackers” got a platform to showcase their talent, discuss new concepts, techniques, issues and problems faced and mostly importantly network with peers and potential recruiters.

A single day event, started with the assistance of University of Pune & its students – this event was low key in terms of corporates but was loaded with eager young minds ready to open their minds to this exciting world of security.