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ClubHack and iViZ brings to you to a chance to hack and win! This contest is all about spotting the security bug in a piece of code which is supposed to be vulnerable in some way, may be direct, may be indirect, analyze the bug and write exploit code to execute arbitrary code by exploiting the bug.

It's pretty straight  forward, you will be provided a set of 5 vulnerable programs written in C and each named as lev00.c, lev01.c and so on.  The score for solving/exploiting each level is directly proportional to its complexity where the complexity increases as the levels go higher i.e. for solving lev00.c and lev01.c you will get 10 and 20 points respectively and so on. Even if you can't solve all the problems there is point on your approach. So maximize your chance of winning with more attempts!

Please visit: http://clubhack.com/2007/contest for the levels. Email your solutions to hack2win@ClubHack.com


* The Contest is only open to individuals already registered and applied (even those who didn't get the invitation!) for ClubHack2007.
* Submission will be accepted till 9th December 2007 2PM IST.
* In case of exactly duplicate submissions by multiple individuals, all submissions will be discarded.
* Bonus scores will be given depending on the reliability of the exploit codes.
* Bonus scores will be given depending on the platform / hardcoding independence of the exploit codes.
* Submission of entries should strictly be included in the following format:

o Name:
o Organization:
o Designation:
o Contact Number:
o Email Address:
o Solution 1:
o Solution 2:
o Solution 3:
o Solution 4:
o Solution 5:


Winners will be selected by a panel of elite security researchers. The judges will grade entries using the following criteria:
* Reliability of the appropriate exploits.
* Approach towards working exploits.
* Creativity of the solution.

The judges shall have the sole authority and discretion to select the award recipient(s)


The winning entries will be announced by ClubHack on 9th December, 2007 and winners name will be put up in the site after that.


Selected participants would get prizes ranging iPods, USB Hard Disks, Titanium Pen Drives and lots of other goodies. So go and hack all the way!

Event Concept and Prize Sponsor:

iViZ Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd


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