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Some Questions


& Answers about ClubHack


Q: what you mean by hack ?
A: Hack has several meanings in the technology and computer science fields. A clever or quick fix to a computer program problem. A clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem. Illegally breaking into a computer, generally over a network connection. A modification of a program or device to give the user access to features otherwise were unavailable to them.

Lets face it that media has given a very bad face to this term. ClubHack feels a hacker should be judged only by his skills, intentions and willingness to share his knowledge.



Q: What is ClubHack ?
A: ClubHack is an initiative to bring the best hackers of India out on a open & common platform. ClubHack will facilitate interaction between hackers across the globe & will promote them to show their creations and knowledge to the world. The motive behind ClubHack is to showcase the strength & knowledge of Indian hackers to the world.



Q: What to expect out of this event ?
A: ClubHack is the place where you'll get a chance to interact with the elite crowd of hackers/ security professionals/ law enforcement professionals etc. Use this platform to grow you social network. Learn from the people around you in the same field.

Many people will be sharing their ideas & techniques, this will be a great time to learn something cool. We advise you to come ahead to participate actively in the event.



Q: When is it scheduled ?
A: Date decided is 9th of December 2007. Mark your calendar now.



Q: What is the venue ?
A: International Convention Center, Pune, India. The perfect place for the perfect event.
Google earth: Download Google earth KMZ here.
Map: Wikimapia Coordinates.
URL: http://iccpune.org/ICC_Trade_Tower/ICC_Trade_Tower.htm
ICC Trade Tower,
Senapati Bapat Road,
Maharashtra (INDIA).



Q: Who should attend ?
A: Ideally speaking every computer literate should attend events like this to understand the way computers can be used in the shades of ebony & ivory. But this time we are targeting geeks and nerds from the information security industry. If you have done some active work in the field of infosec, you manage such stuff in you daily living, you understand the concepts of security. Then you should mark your calendar & attend the event. Due to some legal restriction, the attendees must be above 18 years of age on the day of event.

Important: This time as it is the first ever such event, we are restricting the count of delegates to 200. This is excluding the presenters & keynote speakers. So make sure that you win your invitation to the event.



Q: Are there any charges to attend ?
A: NO :)
But if you want to support ClubHack, BackTrack and other such initiatives, you can do your contribution at the front desk on the day of event.
We'll share part of the contribution with the BackTrack project as a token of thanks for their wonderful live CD.



Q: How to get an invitation ?
A: Technically we are nobody to judge your potentials, but to manage the event with limited seats & keeping it free, we might have to restrict the delegates. Visit register page to know more about invitations.



Q: Will it be a regular event ?
A: ClubHack will be an annual event in the field of information security. Don't feel bad if this time you were not able to attend and/or present. You may get another chance in coming events.



Q: Who are behind this whole event ?
A: "team ClubHack" is a group of security professionals, hackers, cyber lawyers, administrators, nerds, geeks, law enforcement professionals etc. donating their free time and lot of energy to information security world & contributing in there possible way. Part of the same also organize many events in Pune such as BarCamps & BlogCamps.


ClubHack is founded by Rohit Srivastwa, a well known name in the field of information security & cyber crime investigation.

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