Day 1

On 5th of December following activities are planned

  • Launch of "Matriux" - Matriux v1.0 (code named Lithium) is a completely home grown live bootable (& installable) security distro of India, targeted  towards security, penetration testing, high level network penetration, forensic and crime investigation.

    For more information & list of tools, please see


  • Technical Talks - Continuing the tradition, 1st day of ClubHack will be dedicated to technical talks and presentations submitted by hackers' across the globe. A total of 12 good quality papers have been selected and will be presented as per schedule.


  • Networking dinner & beer bash - After the hard day of learning, the evening will be celebrated as networking dinner and beer bash. This is an invitation only party, don't forget to win your invitation
  • Venue for Networking dinner & beer bash


Day 2

On 6th of December following workshops are planned

  • "Cloud Security - Advance Hacks and Exploits" by Shreeraj Shah of BlueInfy
  • "Security and Hacking 101" by Murtuja Bharmal and other members of NULL


Day 3

On 7th of December a roundtable conference is being organized

  • This conference is co-hosted by
    • ClubHack
    • City University, London (supported by IIM Ahmedabad in India)
    • UK Science and Innovation Network, British High Commission in India
  • In this conference eminent personalities from different field of information security of both the countries will come face to face and discuss the issues & challenges faced by both the countries.