Abhijit Tannu Anant Kochar Aseem Jakhar
Gursev Singh Kalra K K Mookhey Kush Wadhwa
Lavakumar Kuppan Manindra Kishore Nikhil Wagholikar
Rohas Nagpal Shreeraj Shah Suhas Desai
Vinoo Thomas Rahul Mohandas  


Abhijit Tannu

Abhijit Tannu is a technology architect at heart and an entrepreneur by profession. He has been serving as the head of technology and product management since past 8 years. He has built many innovative products and technologies for enterprise applications. He is also an inventor of one of the technology products - IntelliPush - that received an award from Standford University in a global competition way back in 2002.

Product Management, Product Architecture, Working with complex algorithms, Building product teams is his passion.

Abhijit holds a B.Tech. from IIT Kharagpur. He holds an experience of about 15 years with many leading software companies before founding his own ventures.

For more details - http://www.linkedin.com/in/abhijittannu


Anant Kochar

Anant Kochhar is a senior Information Security Consultant with SecurEyes having 3 1/2 years experience in the field of core application security research. His current work focuses on malware detection techniques, emulating real-world cracker techniques, documenting cracker exploits, forensics, and researching the security trends in the coming years for the industry. Anant has written white papers on Proxy Cache Risks, Source Code Disclosures and developed many scripts to look for new vulnerabilities in large domains (just like real crackers). Anant has worked on securing 250+ applications in the Banking and Government sectors. In his free time, Anant likes to work pro bono on communtiy centric website projects, read, write, code, play futsal, and pose as a model.


Aseem Jakhar

A network security and open source enthusiast (and a system programmer for living :-P). Have worked on various mailing and enterprise security products.

Expertise in development of:
- Regex filters.
- Baysian filters.
- Heuristic filters
- Genetic Algorithm based score generator for heuristic filters.
- Advanced attachment filters.
- Multicast packet-reflection daemon.
- SMTP engine.
- DNSBL engine.

- Presented at Blackhat Europe 2008.
- Was also invited to speak at Inbox/Outbox UK 2008.
- Presented at Gnunify 2007
- Presented in ClubHack2008

- Ec-council C|EH



Gursev Singh Kalra

Gursev Singh Kalra serves as a Senior Security Consultant at Foundstone Professional Services, A Division of McAfee. Gursev focuses on web application penetration testing, external assessments and mobile application security testing. Gursev has also developed internal tools for internal / external network assessments. At Foundstone, Gursev has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest financial institutions, technology and telecom companies.



K K Mookhey

Kanwal K. Mookhey (CISA, CISSP, CISM) is the Principal Consultant and Founder at Network Intelligence (http://www.niiconsulting.com) as well as the Founder of The Institute of Information Security (http://www.iisecurity.in). He is an internationally well-regarded expert in the field of IT governance, information risk management, forensic fraud investigations, compliance, and business continuity. He has more than a decade of experience in this field, having worked with prestigious clients such as the The Indian Navy, United Nations, Abu Dhabi & Dubai Stock Exchanges, State Bank of India, Atos Origin, Saudi Telecom, World Customs Organization, Capgemini, Royal & Sun Alliance, and many others.

His skills and know-how encompass risk management, compliance, business continuity, application security, computer forensics, and penetration testing. He is well-versed with international standards such as COBIT, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, BS 25999, and ITIL / ISO 20000.

He is the author of two books (Linux Security And Controls by ISACA, and Metasploit Framework, by Syngress Publishing), and of numerous articles on information security. He has also presented at conferences such as OWASP, Blackhat, Interop, IT Underground and others.



Kush Wadhwa

Kush Wadhwa is a digital forensic consultant with good experience on forensics tools (Encase, Winhex, FTK, and Helix etc), operating system internals, hard disk internals, imaging, and deleted file recovery, Windows, Linux internals, network forensics and memory forensics. He is having good experience in Pen Test, Vulnerability Assessment and has good knowledge with Network Security.

He has cleared EnCE, RHCE, CEH, and Master in Computer Forensics (US) and has good experience on Linux and Windows forensics.



Lavakumar Kuppan

Lavakumar Kuppan is currently working in the Global Information Security Assessment Team of Royal Bank of Scotland. He has been helping clients from across the globe and Industry verticals for over 3.5 years in the areas of Penetration Testing, Application Security and Network Security. He has recently discovered and published a new technique to bypass Web Application Firewalls. His research paper is published in sites like milw0rm and packetstromsecurity. He has given trainings on Ethical Hacking to over 200 IT professionals from all levels of the corporate ladder. He has also spoken at multiple Regional OWASP meets.


Manindra Kishore

1. Conducted Security Testing of 50+ business web applications.
2. Conducted Security Testing of 10+ thick client applications.
3. Conducted numerous external Penetration Tests.
4. Expertise in assessing the security of Online Banking, Stock Trading, Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, E-Commerce & financial systems.
5. Performed vulnerability assessment on a large number of OS platforms, Databases and Network devices.
6. Conducted intensive hands on application security training for customer internal audit department.


Nikhil Wagholikar

Nikhil  is a Vulnerability Assessor, Penetration Tester, Computer Forensics Analyst and Information Security Auditor expert at NII. He is also a Certified Ethical Hacker, and has performed vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, computer forensics and security auditing exercises for some of NII’s premier customers. He has consistently impressed clients with his ability to think out of the box, and creatively attack systems and applications. He is well-versed with the OWASP, OSSTMM, Digital Forensics and ISO 27001 Standards. He currently serves as Practice Lead of Security Assessment Team at NII Consulting focusing on Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Computer Forensics and Information Security Audits.

Rohas Nagpal

Rohas Nagpal is the President of the Asian School of Cyber Laws. He has assisted the Government of India in framing rules and regulations under the Information Technology Act. He advises law enforcement agencies around the world in cyber crime investigation and cyber forensics. He has authored several books, white-papers and articles on these subjects.

Shreeraj Shah

Shreeraj Shah, B.E., MSCS, MBA, is the founder of Blueinfy, a company that provides application security services. Prior to founding Blueinfy, he was founder and board member at Net Square. He also worked with Foundstone (McAfee), Chase Manhattan Bank and IBM in security space. He has performed several security consulting assignments in the area of penetration testing, code reviews, web application assessments and security architecture reviews. He is also the author of popular books like Hacking Web Services (Thomson 06) and Web Hacking: Attacks and Defense (Addison-Wesley 03). In addition, he has published several advisories, tools, and whitepapers, and has presented at numerous conferences including RSA, AusCERT, InfosecWorld (Misti), HackInTheBox, Blackhat, OSCON, Bellua, Syscan, ISACA etc. His articles are regularly published on Securityfocus, InformIT, DevX, O’reilly, HNS. His work has been quoted on BBC, Dark Reading, Bank Technology as an expert.



Suhas Desai

Suhas Desai is a distinguished Security Engineer working with Tech Mahindra Ltd in India. In TechM, he is developing capabilities in VoIP security services. He has undertaken vulnerability assessments for leading Telco’s in Europe and USA.

Suhas is a contributing writer for “Linux Journal” , ” Linux for You”, “Linux+ DVD” magazines. He is Feature writer for www.linuxsecurity.com. His research papers on RFID and Image processing are published in various reputed proceedings and journals. His articles are translated in world’s all major languages. Suhas has co-authored a book on “Security in Computing” for Pearson Education (Publication year – 2010).

Suhas is an IPv6 certified Network engineer. He has delivered noted sessions at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia and also at OSSPAC’09 (Open source Singapore Pacific Asia Conference), Singapore at breakout sessions in Feb 2009. He will be speaking at INTEROP 2009 in this October.

He has conducted over 150 workshops across the globe on "Linux and Open Source". He is a frequent speaker at prominent industry and customer forums, conferences which are important to IT executives and academics. He has been on technical advisory committee for national and International conferences on Security, RFID and Image Processing.



Vinoo Thomas

Vinoo Thomas is a virus research lead with McAfee Labs in Bangalore, India. His primary responsibilities include analyzing computer viruses, tracking global malware trends, and coordinating researchers. Vinoo has four pending software patents and has published papers with EICAR, IEEE, McAfee and Virus Bulletin.



Rahul Mohandas

Rahul Mohandas is a research scientist with McAfee Labs in Bangalore. He pursues vulnerability research, and frequently analyzes malware trends and exploits on the Avert Labs blog. When not fighting computer viruses, Rahul follows his passion for photography.